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Composition Discography

On the Nature of Thingness (Starkland Records ST-223)
             Compositions by Nathan Davis and by Phyllis Chen, performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble

Nathan Davis – Ghostlight, performed by Jacob Greenberg

Phyllis Chen – Hush, performed by Cory Smythe and Phyllis Chen
         –Chimers, performed by ICE

Nathan Davis – On speaking a hundred names, performed by Rebekah Heller 

Phyllis Chen – Beneath a Trace of Vapor, performed by Eric Lamb
Phyllis Chen & Robert Dietz – Mobius

Nathan Davis – On the Nature of Thingness, performed by Tony Arnold and ICE

Winner of Independent Music Award for Best Contemporary Classical Album, nominated by the Jury of International Classical Music Awards for Best Contemporary Music Album, and on the ballot for the Grammys.

When released in Spring 2016, it was WQXR's Album of the Week - "Davis, Phyllis Chen, and their ICE colleagues manage to be as satisfying to the intellect as they are exciting to the ear."

The Bright and Hollow Sky (New Focus Recordings FCR 120)
             Compositions by Nathan Davis, performed by ICE

Like sweet bells jangled (2009)
          Joshua Rubin - clarinet, Claire Chase - flute, Eric Lamb - piccolo, Nathan Davis - percussion
pneApnea (2007) Claire Chase, alto flute
The Mechanics of Escapement (2008) Phyllis Chen, toy piano and clock chimes
Dowser (2007) Joshua Rubin, bass clarinet
The Bright and Hollow Sky (2008)  Eric Lamb - flutes and piccolo, Joshua Rubin - clarinets, Peter Evans - trumpets, Dan Lippel - guitar, Adam Sliwinski - percussion, Douglas Perkins - conductor

This cycle of beautiful new works for solo instruments and small combinations transforms space into an architecture of color, texture, rhythm and breath. Using microphones as microscopes, together with live processing, these works elucidate the characters of instruments and the fragile athleticism of playing them.

Memory Spaces (mytoeses music mm one)
             Music for percussion and electronics, performed by Nathan Davis

Diving Bell - Nathan Davis
Crawlspace - Nathan Davis
Six Japanese Gardens - Kaija Saariaho
Talking to Vasudeva - Nathan Davis

There are certain physical spaces from my memory that reappear in dreams: spaces which, in waking, hold specific associations of time and place but in sleep become a stage for new growth and exploration. Like a mnemonic "memory palace", each space has its consistent elements and a structure through which I move freely. This process of exploring and re-exploring familiar places is more consciously echoed in my work with acoustic materials and electronics. I use microphones and simple computer processing to magnify the subtle complexities of sounds and to reveal the inherent characters of ordinary objects and instruments. My works on this disc stem from the conscious and subconscious aspects of this process, and they share with Kaija Saariaho's piece an architectural intent to create a spatial environment for the listener's imagination. - Nathan Davis

Yarn/Wire - Currents 0

music for ensemble and pitch shifter/delay - Tyondai Braxton
de clocher à clocher - Nathan Davis
returns - Peter Evans

In 2012, Yarn/Wire was an ISSUE Project Room Artist-in-Residence. Collaborations with Pete Swanson, Nathan Davis, Tristan Perich, Elizabeth Adams, Christopher Burns, Andrew Nathaniel McIntosh, Tyondai Braxton, and Peter Evans led to the creation of eight outstanding new works. While each was based around Yarn/Wire's piano and percussion quartet configuration, they spanned an incredible sonic range, variously incorporating live electronics, improvisation, handmade instruments, theatre, installation, and more. This experience led Yarn/Wire to partner with curator Lawrence Kumpf on the creation of Yarn/Wire/Currents, an ongoing series of experimental music performances. Since its inception, Currents has generated thirteen collaborative works from a diverse group of domestic and international artists. This release, "Yarn/Wire/Currents 0", is a forerunner to the Currents series. The works on this album offer listeners a momentary sample of the diverse works that laid the groundwork for Yarn/Wire's ongoing explorations. 

Simple Songs - Douglas Perkins, Percussion (New Focus Recordings FCR 126)

Simple Songs of Birth and Return - Nathan Davis
Momentary Expanse - Tristan Perich
Spatial Network for Percussion- Beau Sivers
Unchained Melody - David Lang
XY - Michael Gordon

Doug Perkins’s “Simple Songs” on New Focus represents his solo debut recording, and is a wonderful document of the dynamism that exists in the constantly growing percussion repertoire. Praised as a “percussion virtuoso” by the New York Times, Doug has assembled a kaleidoscopic collection of works for solo percussion, focusing on the extremes of virtuosity on one hand and percussion music's penchant for the art of tinkering on the other. From the haunting meditation of vibraphone and one-bit music in Tristan Perich’s Momentary Expanse to the quirky noises of David Lang’s Unchained Melody, and ending with Michael Gordon’s  monolithic XY, the range of the record is reflective of the vast scope of interests captivating the contemporary percussionist.

Aliento - Claire Chase - flute, with the International Contemporary Ensemble (New Focus Recordings FCR 126)

pneApnea - Nathan Davis
16 - Jason Eckardt
Poison Mushroom - Dai Fujikura
Promoteo & Epimeteo - Edgar Guzman
Aliento/Arrugas - Marcelo Toledo
Run in a Graveyard - Du Yun

Aliento carves out a vast range of expressivitiy within a dramatically new context of sound on the flute. The recording features several works written for Claire Chase by Nathan Davis, Du Yun, Marcelo Toledo, and Edgar Guzman, as well as definitive premiere recordings of Jason Eckhardt's 16 for flute and string trio and Dai Fujikura's Poison Mushroom for flute and electronics.

Travel Diary – Meehan/Perkins Duo (Bridge Records)

Observations - Tristan Perich
Diving Bell - Nathan Davis
Table of Contents - David Lang
Travel Diary - Paul Lansky

Since its founding in 2006, the Meehan/Perkins Duo (Todd Meehan and Doug Perkins) has redefined the American percussion duo through its diverse commissions and engaging performances. Dedicated to creating a new body of work for the percussion duo genre, the Duo has collaborated with composers David Lang, Paul Lansky, Nathan Davis, Matt McBane, Jonathan Leshnoff, and John Supko to expand the repertoire and produce eclectic new acoustic and electro-acoustic works for percussion. This disc presents premiere recordings of works composer for the Meehan/Perkins Duo.

100 Names – Rebekah Heller (Tundra Records)

∞¿? - Edgar Guzman
Qualia II - Marcelo Toledo
Calling - Dai Fujikura
and also a fountain - Marcos Balter
On speaking a hundred names - Nathan Davis

Rebekah Heller (“an impressive solo bassoonist” The New Yorker) releases her debut recording on Tundra, the new imprint for recordings by the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). This recording features works written for Heller by composers Dai Fujikura, Marcos Balter, Nathan Davis, Edgar Guzman, and Marcelo Toledo, with a bonus track by Du Yun. Focusing on electro-acoustic music that pushes the boundaries of extended technique, the repertoire on 100 Names suggests influences of spectral music, noise styles, and performance art, by mining the bassoon's uniquely rich wealth of multiphonics, unconventional timbres, and incorporating auxiliary instruments.

Little Things - Phyllis Chen (New Focus)

Fabian Svennson - Toy Toccata (in Black and White) for solo toy piano    
Angélica Negrón - The Little Things for toy instruments and live electronics
Takuji Kawai - Okura for solo toy piano
Nathan Davis - The Mechanics of Escapement for toy piano and clock chimes
Andrián Pertout - Pi (Obstruction) for solo toy piano
Karlheinz Essl - Whatever Shall Be for toy piano, dreidel, chopstick, music box, and electronics
Dai Fujikura - Milliampere for solo toy piano

Praised by the LA Times as “a dazzling delight,” Phyllis Chen’s new album features a wide range of works written or dedicated to her in the last few years, as she continues to expand the range of the toy piano in a concert setting. Also an active composer, Ms. Chen's creative sensibility pervades these commissions, as her innovative approach to the instrument emboldened the composers to experiment and imagine new worlds for this under appreciated instrument.


Selected discography as percussionist

John Zorn - On the Torment of Saints (Tzadik)

Iannis Xenakis - Ensemble Works (Mode)

John Luther Adams - Inuksuit (Cantaloupe)

Keeril Makan - Afterglow (Mode)

Dai Fujikura - Ice
(New Focus)

Larry Polansky - four-voice canons (Cold Blue)

Claire Chase - Terrestre
(New Focus)

Ha-Yang Kim - Ama

Mario Diaz de Leon  - Enter Houses Of (Tzadik)

John Adams - Son of Chamber Symphony (Nonesuch)

Evan Ziporyn - Typical Music (New Albion)

Dan Trueman - Machine Language (Bridge)

Jason Eckardt - Undersong (Mode Records)


Arlene Sierra -Volume 1 (Bridge)


Matthias Pintscher - Sonic Eclipse (Kairos)

John Cage - Sixteen Dances (BMOP)

Louis Andriessen - La Passione (BMOP)

John Harbison - Ulysses

Dai Fujikura - Mina

Anna Thorwaldsdottir - In the Light of Air (Sono Luminus)

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